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What is the Rekolt buyer promise?

At Rekolt our mission is to provide a safe and secure experience for buying and selling the world’s most coveted wines. Through our strategic partnerships and collaborations with a multitude of trusted and reliable merchant networks, we guarantee a perfect Ex-Château provenance. This ensures that every bottle of wine that passes through our platform comes directly from the chateaus where they are produced, preserving their authenticity and quality. Our goal, as it always has been, is to facilitate customer access to the most exclusive and sought-after wines, all while eliminating concerns over the authenticity or potential damage of the products.

The Rekolt Buyer Promise solidifies this mission by providing support for buyers should we make a mistake (e.g. we ship you the wrong order, we incorrectly verify the provenance). In the unlikely event that this happens with your order, please submit a Buyer Promise Support Request form within ten days of receiving your item and we will work expeditiously to resolve the issue. As we require a case to be opened within ten days of receipt, we encourage you to open your package as soon as you receive it to ensure everything is as expected. The wine must be uncorked and in the condition in which it was delivered, in order to be eligible for our Buyer Promise.

In the event that Rekolt requests the item back, please expect a resolution timeframe of approximately five business days from receiving your item.

To read more about the provenance of the wines, check out the FAQ: Where does Rekolt buy wines from?