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How does it work?

At Rekolt, we've streamlined the process of investing in fine wines. Here’s what you can expect on your investing journey.

Step 1: Create an account

Begin your journey by signing up for a free account on our secure, user-friendly platform.

Creating an account with Rekolt is a simple, straightforward process that gives you immediate access to our extensive selection of fine wines and spirits.

You also gain access to valuable market insights and trading opportunities.

Step 2: Discover and buy

Explore our carefully curated collection of fine wines and spirits from renowned vineyards and distilleries worldwide.

Our platform provides comprehensive information, including tasting notes, vintage details, and investment potential for each bottle.

Choose the ones that catch your eye and add them to your investment portfolio with just a few clicks.

Step 3: Rekolt protects your wines

As soon as you make a purchase, Rekolt steps in to ensure your investment is fully protected.

  • Authentication: We work directly with vineyards and distilleries, ensuring every bottle you purchase is 100% authentic.

  • Shipping: Your bottles are transported safely and swiftly from the vineyard to our storage facility using our trusted shipping partners.

  • Storage: Your wines are stored in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facility, ensuring they are kept in ideal conditions as they age and appreciate in value.

  • Insurance: Each bottle you purchase through Rekolt is fully insured, providing you with peace of mind.

  • Proof of ownership: We issue a unique digital token for each bottle you own, serving as immutable proof of your ownership.

Step 4: Watch your portfolio grow

As time goes by, watch your portfolio grow in value. Our platform provides real-time tracking and performance analysis of your portfolio.

You can monitor the appreciation of your wines and spirits and make informed decisions about when to hold and when to trade.

Step 5: Sell your wine or offer it as a gift

When the time is right, you can choose to sell your wines to other collectors directly through our platform, retaining the majority of your profits.

Alternatively, you can offer your bottles as a unique and thoughtful gift to friends, family, or business associates.

Step 6: Redeem anytime

Want to taste your investment? No problem. You can choose to redeem your physical bottles whenever you wish.

We'll carefully package and ship your bottle to your chosen address, ensuring it arrives safely and in perfect condition for you to enjoy.