Outsourced cellar designed for a new era

Rekolt provides the technology and logistics fine wine enthusiasts need to live their passion to the full and expand their knowledge.

Build up your cellar today

Rekolt has a variety of features that make it the best place to start trade wine.

Explore historical performances

Find what’s happening wine-by-wine using our unique current and historic pricing data.

Manage your portfolio

Buy and sell popular fine wines, keep track of your transactions in one place.

Watch it grow and mature

Consult your inventory and analyze the overall performance of your cellar through relevant dashboards.

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A new way to collect wine

Backed by fine wine

Rare wine has a long and stable history of being a great alternative investment.


All the transactions are on the blockchain so you can track the asset history and verify ownership.

Securely stored

We store and insure your wine in the best possible conditions.


You can burn your NFT once the drinking window is reached and we’ll ship you the physical wine

Easily tradeable

No more challenges selling your fine wine. Trade your NFT anytime on our marketplace.

Simple payment

Pay with traditional payment methods or with crypto at your convenience.

Get started in a few minutes

Rekolt includes a variety of the most popular producers in the world

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Start buying & selling

Join a new generation of collectors

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