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Fine wine is complex, collecting it shouldn’t be.

We enable everyone to access the best fine wines in the world


Great wineries and advanced selection enables everyone


Storing, shipping, and re-selling wine should be easy


Blockchain transparency should improve the exchanges

Our story

Built on long-standing expertise

Rekolt was created with the ambitious aim of transforming the world of fine wine by reducing barriers to entry and eliminating the inefficiencies that have traditionally hindered the industry's expansion. Previously, acquiring a personal wine collection online required in-depth wine knowledge and appropriate access, which presented a major challenge for individuals. The information available was often contradictory, incomplete, and outdated, preventing consumers from making informed choices or obtaining reasonable market prices.

Rekolt is the next-generation fine wine trading platform, verified by comprehensive data, detailed analytics, and an impressive portfolio of over $200M in the most respected quality wines available for offer.

The platform enables users to build, monitor and manage a fine wine portfolio by providing immediate and effortless access to real-time data and active markets. It brings together a global community of technology-savvy merchants and fine wine enthusiasts, offering unrivaled opportunities for liquidity and instant transition of ownership.

Rekolt benefits from the expertise and relationships of over 15 renowned merchants in the fine wine market.


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Arnaud Jeannin


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