Storage Information

After the purchase, we offer customers the service of wine storage at a controlled temperature for as long as required, providing continuous proof of authenticity.

We offer two storage membership plans: (1) Monthly and (2) Yearly.

Our monthly plan is 2.15 USDC or 1.99 EUR per case, while the yearly plan is 21.50 USDC or 19.99 EUR per case. In case you request the wine to be shipped more than 2 months prior to the expiration of the prepaid yearly period, we will charge a one-off fee equivalent to 2 months of storage.

For both plans, our insurance covers the entire insured value for your bottles if our facility is damaged and your wine is destroyed or damaged. We will review the insured value of your wines on a yearly basis.

We take considerable time to screen the people that operate at our facilities, which have 24-hour security with top-range alarms and surveillance systems.

Currently, you can only pay for storage with USDC from your wallet. You can add USDC to your wallet using a credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency from your preferred crypto wallet. If an edition has unpaid storage, the metadata will be updated and unpaid storage will be flagged. If you decide to sell, the buyer will be informed and can purchase with those pending fees but your offer will be much less attractive on the marketplace. Furthermore, the wine cannot be shipped until storage payment has been settled.

If an edition has unpaid storage for over 12 months or is not redeemed after the maximum drinking window, the metadata will be updated accordingly and the edition will be flagged as deprecated.

In case you want to have your wines delivered, we are ready to package and ship at short notice when needed. We accept credit cards to pay for taxes and shipping services.